“Show me the money!” After navigating the ups and downs of being an agent, Darren Heitner pursued another avenue that combined his love of negotiation and athletics: sports law. With his wealth of expertise and his deep knowledge of this niche practice area, Heitner packed his book—How to Play the Game: What Every Sports Attorney Needs to Know—full of real-life case studies and insights into the inner working of the games people love to watch.

From litigating contracts for up-and-coming stars to trademarking “ONIONS!” for a beloved college basketball commentator, Heitner has covered plenty of ground . . . he’s an expert at forecasting what’s next.

Here, he discusses topics from the future of the adversarial relationship between the NCAA and college athletes, to the rise of professional video game players and the intellectual property rights of players’ tattoos.

The above was from an interview with the ABA Journal on November 20, 2018.